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Winter Weather
at Word of Life Christian Fellowship, Concord, NH:  603-228-2444
A service or event would be cancelled is to ensure your safety and comfort, so please observe the following procedures...
Cancellations will be announced on our phone's opening greeting 3 hours before the event start time. For example, you would call after 7:00 am on a Sunday morning to listen for a cancellation, or call after 4:00 pm on Wednesday.
Call 603-228-2444 and listen to the opening greeting message.  There are no extensions to choose. If you hear a standard office greeting with office hours and service times, then the service has NOT been cancelled. 

Please do not depend on a TV, radio, or internet announcement because they have not been reliable sources to us during a storm. Please do not depend on a text cancellation.  If you receive a text cancellation, then it will save you a call. However, if you do not receive a text cancellation, you should still call the church phone to check for a cancellation.
Please do not go by the conditions of the roads around your house to assume that we have not cancelled.  Please call.
If we do not cancel the service, but you feel the weather conditions are severe, you should use your own discretion whether to go to church or not. If you decide not to go and have a position in our helps ministry, please call your department head and notify him/her that you are not coming.
Please keep the church phone number handy so that you can easily check for a cancellation. 603-228-2444