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 David & Brienne Peetz, Teen Leaders      

   A dynamic and devoted group of Christian teens, RVLTN Teen Ministry is determined to reach our community and others with the love and hope of Christ, meeting the needs of those less fortunate, and fighting the cruelty and hatred found in the world with the love of Christ.
Join us for Revolution Teen Service on Thursdays at Word of Life sanctuary at 6:30 pm and on most Sunday mornings during the adult service. 
RVLTN leaders are dedicated to helping today's teens understand who they are in Christ and to develop a life surrendered to God's plans.  For us, this is the most exciting time to be a Christian in the earth, and we are about our Father's business.  If you are a young person living in the Concord, New Hampshire area, and you are tired of living on the outside looking in, come and find out what we're all about.  We look forward to meeting you!


 RVLTN Teen Camp 2012

 Word of Life Christian Fellowship Church

95 Old Loudon Rd, Concord, NH 03301 - Phone: 603-228-2444
Serving Concord, Manchester, Merrimack, Bedford, Chichester, Hookset, Bow,
Merrimack County and
Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

RVLTN Teen Camp

Teen Camp 2013 was a great experience! 
Thank you to all who participated.
Teen Camp is the one event you really don’t want to miss.
Our mission is to cut out all the distractions in life, seclude ourselves away from home, and focus completely on Him.  As we hold camp each year, teens have personal experiences with God; they hear from Him and bring their relationships to a new level. Teen Camp is something they will look back on and refer to
consistently in their futures, saying, “He spoke to me there. There I had a real encounter with Him. That week I found Him. There He became reality; that is where I realized I could never doubt His existence again."
For other information contact: David and Brienne Peetz, Teen Leaders,

Contact Information:
David & Brienne Peetz