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Martin Luther on Baptism

(16th c. church reformer)
BOC-Book of Concord ; LC-Luther’s Large Catechism
“Baptism, through which we are initially received into the Christian community” (LC, BOC 456.2)
“These words contain God’s commandment and institution, so that no one may doubt that Baptism is of divine origin” (LC, BOC 457.6)
“Here stand God’s Word and command that have instituted, established, and confirmed baptism.  What God institutes and commands cannot be useless.  Rather, it is a most precious thing, even though to all appearance it may not be worth straw” (LC, BOC 457.8)
“To be baptized in God’s name is to be baptized not by human beings, but by God himself.  Although performed by human hands, it is nevertheless truly God’s own act.” (LC, BOC 457.10)
“The power, effect, benefit, fruit, and purpose of Baptism is that it saves.  To be saved….is nothing less that to be delivered from sin, death, and the devil, to enter Christ’s kingdom and to live with him forever” (LC, BOC, 459.24)
“it is not the treasure that is lacking; rather, what is lacking is that it should be grasped and held firmly.” (BOC, 461. 40)
“when the Word accompanies the water, baptism is valid, even though faith is lacking. For my faith does not make baptism, rather it receives baptism. (BOC, 463.53)
“Therefore, baptism remains forever.  Even though someone falls from it and sins, we always have access to it so that we may again subdue the old creature [Adam].” (BOC, 466.77)
“Repentance, therefore is nothing else than a return and approach to baptism, to resume and practice what had earlier been begun and abandoned”. (BOC, 466.79)