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Sunday Mornings (Sept-May)

2012-2013 Sunday Morning Schedule
   8:30-8:55 Praise Bells (3rd-5th grade)
9:00-10:00  Worship
   8:45-10:45  Nursery Open
   9:15-10:15  BLAST
10:00-11:00 Coffee Hour
   10:20-10:50  Glory Choir & Chimes (PreK-2nd)
   10:20-10:50  Praise Choir (3rd-5th
11:00-12:00  Worship
   10:45-12:15  Nursery Open
   11:15-12:00  Serving Hands Club (PreK-5th)
Nursery (Birth - 3 Years)
Childcare is provided from 8:45am until noon on Sunday mornings by a staff caregiver and Gabriel trained volunteers.   
When parents sign their child into the nursery, they receive a beeper with a number corresponding to the number on their child's nametag.  To ensure the safety of children, caregivers will verify the parent's pager number matches the number on the child's nametag before releasing the child.  We ask that parents please label all bags, bottles, and other items they leave in the nursery with their child.
BLAST Learning Hour:  9:15-10:15am
Children begin the morning in worship with their parents at 9:00am.  After the opening music and message, they are dismissed with their leaders to attend BLAST. 
BLAST is an engaging, virtues-based curriculum for K-5th graders that includes a large group Bible Story, virtue introduction, and prayer time, followed by age-appropriate small group activities that help children practice living out what they have learned.  The curriculum fits our mission well with its emphasis on:

     Faith - I can trust God no matter what    
- I need to make the wise choice
- I should treat others the way I want to be treated

Preschool BLAST includes Bible Stories, crafts, activities, and music designed to teach children:  God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend.  Children attending Preschool BLAST must have a nametag on before going to worship.  Nametags can be found in the church lobby.  Parents will need to show their portion of the nametag when picking their child up after worship. 
Worship on the 1st Sunday of each month
On the first Sunday of each month, children attend the 9:00 BLAST worship service with their parents instead of class.  This service introduces the new BLAST virtue and provides a shared faith experience as the whole family worships, sings, receives Communion, and prays together.  Parents of preschoolers can choose to have their children participate in this special service or go to the nursery.
Serving Hands Club:  During 11:00 Worship

At the beginning of the 11:00 worship service, Preschool - 5th grade children sit with their parents.  After the Children's Message, these children may leave the sanctuary and attend The Serving Hands Club which includes:
  • The PreK BLAST Bible Story recap
  • Games
  • Service projects designed to teach children that they can be the hands of Jesus in the world.
Parents pick their children up in the preschool room after worship.  On the 1st Sunday of each month, children receive Communion as part of Serving Hands Club using a special liturgy developed for children.
Children's Music
Rehearsals for children’s music are offered before and after BLAST.