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Chelsea MOMs is a group for women with school-aged children or teens. 
We meet monthly in local churches, member's homes, and restaurants, rotating between day and evening times.  Some gatherings are designed to be social while others include specific topics and speakers
MOMs 2012-2013 Schedule:  Coming Soon!

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Administrative Team: A small team has been formed to manage some of the behind the scenes logistics, but the success of MOMs is dependent on all moms participating in the group.  If you have questions about MOMs, please contact:
MOMs is a community based group for all mothers of school aged children who meet in an open, honest, and supportive environment to explore the journey of motherhood and encourage one another to grow in faith. A small team of women has volunteered to facilitate the group by organizing membership, facilities, and communication, but the group belongs to YOU, the members. Our community is blessed to have a diverse population of women who feel passionate about their mothering and faith choices. As we learn about one another, we will find some whose choices resemble our own and others whose choices are very different. Please remember that MOMs is not endorsing any one perspective or belief. Listen, discover, adopt or ignore ideas as they fit your personal view, and always respect the right of other members to choose differently.