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Reach Out Ministries

Central Christian Church is committed to being an inner city community church.  We have turned down opportunities to move to a more modern, urban location because we are committed to our inner  city neighbors.    

 WOW  stands for Way Out Wednesdays at Central Christian Church.  Typically 40-60 inner city children meet at the church for after school activities and a small meal. The Elkhart community just helped us build a new playground and gardens for our neighborhood children and their families.

 Central Christian Church hosts an annual Thanksgiving dinner to which we invite our inner city neighbors. Two hundred thirty meals were served in 2012.

On a broader scale:  Central Christian Church supports the efforts of Week of Compassion which is a funded program by Disciples of Christ churches in the U.S. and Canada. In cooperation with the United Church of Christ, the Disciples share mission work under the leadership of Global Ministries.

While continuing the ministries long associated with Central Christian Church, i.e. our ministries of "doing the word" through Habitat, Church Community Services, Community Thanksgiving Dinner, WOW, etc., during the summer of 2008 we began enlisting people to share in what we called "A Summer of Prayer".  We wanted to discover what might happen in the life of Central if at least one half of our regular attendees at Morning Worship covenanted to join in a "Summer of Prayer".  The opportunity to share our faith and experience a new awareness of the Holy Spirit was embraced by many and "A Summer of Prayer" will be a special emphasis each summer. 
Dave's Place was housed by and supported by Central Christian Church as well as other local churches and charities for over five years.  It was designed to help impoverished people in the surrounding community make ends meet between paychecks and to help families in times of hardship.  On September 1, 2004 this ministry was moved to Church Community Services

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