We are committed to getting our young people to camp each summer.  It is the place where faith commitments begin to form at the deepest levels.
Our 6th through 12th grade youth meet on 1st and 3rd Sundays from 1-3pm, sometimes at the church, sometimes at homes or some special activity we have planned.  They love to play games, do service projects, eat together, and answer the question, “Where have you seen God lately?” 
On 2nd and 4th Sundays (usually from 4-6pm) during the school year they meet with other youth groups in the area.  We call the assembly, DYG or Downtown Youth Group.  DYG has gone on Mission Trips the last five years, to Harlan County, Kentucky, Rock Island, Illinois, Biloxi, MS , and Pittsburgh, PA.  Together we participate in the 30 Hour Famine for world hunger.

The picture is of most of us at the house we worked on in Biloxi, doing dry-wall, taping, bedding and sanding.  We learned a lot about working, but mostly we've  learned the joy of serving others. We participated in the Pittsburg Project in 2012.