WOW stands for Way Out Wednesdays.  It is a ministry to our neighborhood children.  During the school year, we invite children, grades 1-6, to participate in various fun workshops/classes. [Cooking, computers, wood-working, crafts, games, etc.]  At 5:00 we provide a meal, and dismiss around 5:30.  Several churches in the area help us with food, donations and volunteers. 
This year during the summer months we began a 3pm movie matinee with popcorn and water.  It is a joy to be able to provide this ministry and see the children respond. We hope to do it again next summer.

Way Out Wednesdays

Children do homework, research projects, and if they have time, get to play a few games too. Our final activity is always to share in a meal together. During the summer months we have a movie with popcorn and bottled water.

Contact Information:
Sandy Iavagnilio, Director