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from pastor steve

Welcome! We deeply hope that you will find The Circle Church to be a place of healing and wholeness, for we are convinced that all of us are part of one family...the family of God. In the face of a world which would constantly divide us, we proclaim with the poet Edwin Markham:
He drew a circle that shut me out
Heretic, rebel, and thing to flout,
But love and I had the will to win,
We drew a circle and drew him in.
Through the presence of the risen Christ we are regularly experiencing healing from addictions, healing of broken hearts, healing from the pain of broken relationships and past traumas, healing of illnesses and injuries, healing of damages souls. If some part of your life is broken, come, experience the feast of healing.
Jesus loved to laugh and sing; he loved a good party, and so do we. Our worship gatherings are relaxed, fun, joyful, as well as being deeply thoughtful and prayerful. Join us on Sunday at 10:00 and experience the joy.
Here at The Circle Church we delight in thinking outside the box, and we don’t have to all agree, we just have to agree to be family. In fact, you are encouraged to think for yourself and keep an open mind.
We’ve been worshipping on this sacred circle for over one-hundred years, but today we have a renewed vision for a new century. Here you will sing songs both old and new together with a church family of all ages and backgrounds and ethnicities. Our worship blends the best of classic traditions with bold new ideas. Together we pursue both the timeless teachings of the scriptures and a willingness to think in new ways and listen to what God is saying now. Old recipes and fresh, new creations…we are a feast…a feast of love, acceptance, healing, reconciliation, and joy, celebrating the endless banquet of God’s love for you.
May God's peaceful Shalom fill you with wholeness,
Pastor Steve

Steve DeFields-Gambrel
Position: Pastor
Phone: 831.426.0510