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Thinking of taking a leap of faith? Is there an area of your life where you need God's help now? We would like to help you make that next step. Feel free to browse our website for information that might give you that extra boost. Even better, come and visit us this Sunday at 10:45 AM. We have a seat reserved just for you.
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Crossroads Baptist Church
2276 Curlew Rd.
Palm Harbor,  FL   34683
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Chemo Care Bags
Chemo Care Bags We want to provide love and care to those suffering through chemotherapy so we...

Sermon's on You Tube
Pastor Dave's Sermons are on You Tube Check out the link. Thank You Andy Osborne. Link:...
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Work Day Decorating the church Saturday, November 25, 2017 8:30 AM       We will get together to deck the halls and have it beautiful for the Christmas season! Come and join  ...  more
»    Sat November 25th     8:30 AM

COME JOIN US AWANA Studio  Shine like Stars@crosskidsph Come experience our new concept   Bible - Music - Games - Snacks          &  ...  more
»    Sun November 26th     5:30 PM

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Saturday November 25th
Sunday November 26th
10:45 AM
Monday November 27th
Tuesday November 28th