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Publish Date: July 7, 2017  ::  Author: jeanie kelly

Great Reads & Summer Fun

Great Reads & Summer Fun!
Stop by the book shelf in the lobby where there are a few selections from our Library, Including biographies of Fanny Crosby, Ronald Regan, and Tim Tebow.  Be encouraged in you Christian walk by reading how others are living out Christ's direction in their lives!
Then come and browse the Library for many more resources; fiction for adults, teens and children - Bible commentaries - practical Christian living helps - more inspiring biographies - and much more!! 
It's located outside the glass doors leading to Curlew Road.
Stop in and CHECK IT OUT!

Publish Date: April 28, 2017  ::  Author: jeanie kelly

Chemo Care Bags

Chemo Care Bags
We want to provide love and care to those suffering through chemotherapy so we have a special collection going on to put together chemo care bags.  You never know who will receive a bag: a friend, family member , or neighbor, but they will know that there is a church family praying for them?
One response from a giftee, "I cried when I was given the bag.  This is a hard process to go through but knowing that I am being prayed for means more to me than anyone can ever know!  And the items were really needed for what I am going through.  Thank you so much!"
If you would like to be a sponsor, it's $25 per bag, or $50 for 3 bags.  We are also collecting individual items.  Stop by the lobby and take a look at what is going into these bags and ask Erin for the items needed.
Questions?  Call the Church Office 1-727-784-2371


Publish Date: February 16, 2016  ::  Author: jeanie kelly

Sermon's on You Tube

Pastor Dave's Sermons are on You Tube
Check out the link.
Thank You Andy Osborne.