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Journey Youth

Journey Youth is our junior and senior high student ministry that meets on Wednesday Nights @ 7pm.  We've created a youth ministry that allows students to be themselves and experience God as only they can experience Him. 
If you're looking for a youth group where students come in - sit on a metal folding chair and listen to some boring dude preach to them for an hour - THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU.  We do things a little different here.  We put alot of creative planning into what takes place on Wednesday Nights @ the same time allowing sufficient opportunity for students to learn who God is and how they CAN live for God no matter where they're at - school, home, whatever.  We believe in students and we have a dedicated team of effective leaders that are ready to team with them and see God come alive in this generation - like never before seen!
WE MEET EVERY WEDNESDAY @ 7pm here at the Journey Church Campus!
Dont be bashful - give us a call at (636) 205-4557 or email us at