Ministry Chair: Micheal T. Wilson
Ministry Co-Chair Pamela Moncree
Telephone: 919-423-1389
Join us every 2nd Sunday of the month at 1:30pm.

Brother Michael Wilson hosting Visitors Fellowship May 2013.
     FCBC Evangelism Ministry Purpose & Vision Statement
There are numerous ways by which the entire church body can actively participate in the fulfillment of God’s Great Commission, the spreading of the gospel, through the many ministries at FCBC.  First Calvary has adopted a church mission statement that finds its origin in the Great Commission!  The Evangelism Ministry is excited about assisting with any necessary training or resources as ministries seek to carry-out the mission statement of FCBC.  The First Calvary Evangelism Ministry will act as a resource to provide evangelism training and outreach materials to the various ministries at FCBC, thereby assisting them with their outreach mission and events.
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Individuals are invited to participate with the Evangelism Ministry through various outreach opportunities that will allow for individual talents and interest to be developed.  Outreach Opportunities include:  Fellowship Sundays, Community Fellowships, Evangelism Training, and Visitors Outreach.


The Evangelism Ministry is currently in need of FCBC members interested in volunteering with one or more outreach focus areas:  Visitor Outreach, Members Fellowship, and Community Outreach. Please contact Pamela Moncree at, or 919-596-6717 for more information.

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