Ministry Co-Chair:  Gloria Lindsay
Secretary:  Brenda Harris-White
Telephone: 919-450-0116
Singles In Love With Christ (S.I.L.C.) was established to involve all single (unmarried) adult male & female from age 18 and up, in the greater Durham area, to support Christian development through personal and spiritual growth.  As a unit we will accomplish this by promoting a God-centered atmosphere, encouragement, wholesome activities, discipleship training, study materials and evangelistic appeals; that are designed to reinforce and address some of the daily challenges of living single according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Singles Identified:
Single, Unmarried, Unattached, Divorced, Widowed, Separated, Single Parent, Unmarried Couple, etc.


Join us on the 4th Thursday each month for our
regular SILC meetings at 7:00pm.


What a Fellowship…

What good fellowship we enjoyed as we walked together in God’s House

Psalms55:14 NLT 

The Circle of Care Ministry and Singles In Love With Christ

would like to formally invite You & Your Guest


A Fellowship Dinner

First Calvary Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

Tuesday, November 10th

6:00 PM- 8:00 PM. 

This Fellowship will provide an opportunity for our church family members who suffered loss, Circle of Care Volunteers and Circle of Care FRIENDS to mingle, share stories and memories. You will enjoy hearing beautiful Christmas Music from our guest psalmist and feast on

a delicious meal with sweet treats for everyone.

*** Please RSVP by Sunday, November 1st 2015 to ***

Sister Brenda Harris-White at 919-450-0116 or

When you respond, please indicate that you will or will not attend and number of guests.  If you require transportation please contact the church office at 919-489-4184.

Please JOIN US

Partnering sponsors for this event are:

Circle of Care Team: Sisters Mary Gilmer, Betty Borden and Brenda Harris-White

Singles In Love With Christ: Co Chair, Sister Gloria Lindsey

First Calvary Baptist Church