Ministry Co-Chair:  Gloria Lindsay
Secretary:  Brenda Harris-White
Telephone: 919-450-0116
Singles In Love With Christ (S.I.L.C.) was established to involve all single (unmarried) adult male & female from age 18 and up, in the greater Durham area, to support Christian development through personal and spiritual growth.  As a unit we will accomplish this by promoting a God-centered atmosphere, encouragement, wholesome activities, discipleship training, study materials and evangelistic appeals; that are designed to reinforce and address some of the daily challenges of living single according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Singles Identified:
Single, Unmarried, Unattached, Divorced, Widowed, Separated, Single Parent, Unmarried Couple, etc.


Holidays with SILC

“The Twelve Do’s for Holiday Bliss”

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you...”

Matt 7:12 NIV


We are asking this year that you give a gift that is priceless and does not require the use of moneyYourself.

Without having to spend a certain amount of money, going shopping, ordering online, going into debt, or going broke; we would like for you to use the 12 days leading up to Christmas – (Dec. 13-24, 2014) or you can start right now and on through the Holidays, to do something meaningful, unexpected, and effectual for the people you love and encounter. This year, share a little bit of yourself with others and see doesn’t it make a difference in their lives and yours.

Give of yourself, your time, your talents, and your gifted treasures:

·     Be a friend

·     Make a friend

·     Help somebody

·     Hang out with a child and see things through their eyes

·     Volunteer for something

·     Do something you enjoy

·     Knell before God and seek His Will

·     Visit somebody

·     Love more freely with no strings attached

·     Stand on the Word of God

·     Pray more

·     Smile more – It does the face good

Keep a record of the things you did that had the biggest and most significant impact on you or the people/person involved. That way you can do it again and again and allow it to make a difference in your world and the world around you.

Let this be the Merriest of Holiday Seasons ever because you gave a gift that should never stop giving - You.

Isn’t that what God did when He gave of Himself through His Son?

It was freely given to you, freely give to someone else - Pass it on.

You say “What must I do?”

·     Share some kind encouraging words

·     Give someone a hug

·     Visit someone for an hour

·     Wash someone’s hair, clothes, car, dog, etc.

·     Paint someone’s toes, nails, or both

·     Watch a movie someone else likes

·     Make that phone call you been putting off

·     Baby sit – give someone else a break

·     Really Listen to what someone is saying or feeling

·     Pray with or for someone

·     Walk and talk with a friend

·     Forgive someone, make amends, and let it go

·     Take someone on a date

·     Just sit in the Mall and talk to people

·     Read a book

·     Play a game with someone (not on a device)

·     Remember and attend someone else’s special occasion

·     Walk a dog

·     Give something a fresh coat of paint

·     Take a hot candle light bath

·     Laugh loud more

·     Take a friend to the Doctor

·     Add your own experience

·     Fast - Miss a meal and feed someone else


The point is to make someone Happy and see won’t it make you Happy too, at no cost.


We look forward to the sharing of your stories and experiences.


Don’t forget that Jesus is the reason why we celebrate the Seasons.

Happy Holidays from SILC to you!

First Calvary Baptist Church