Ministry Chair: Angela Sanders
Vice-Chairperson: Deborah Jolly
Secretary: Robert White
Telephone: 919-489-4184
Our mission is to serve as a long-range planning committee for First Calvary Baptist Church. Our emphasis is on expanding church outreach by helping to implement the pastor's vision throughout the congregation and the church ministries.
Goals and Objectives
From the Leadership Retreat and Brainstorming Session results, generate church discussions that would involve other church ministries.  The end result is to implement ideas / action items that will help improve the overall image of the church and synergy of the congregation.
The monthly Visionary Meeting will be held Monday, August 19th at 7PM. Please plan to attend this meeting if you want to learn more about the Visionary Ministry and upcoming activities. You can contact the Visionary Ministry at All are welcome! 

First Calvary Baptist Church