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Mission Statement

At Second Providence we are a people who are seeking first the Kingdom and Righteousness of God.  We are committed to the strengthening of our faith in God through His one and only Son Jesus the Christ.  We are committed to the strengthening of individuals and families.  In all of creation, before God created a church, He created the family, which is the essential building block of human civilization.  God’s creation of Adam and Eve illustrates the importance of the marriage covenant establishing one man and one woman to create and nurture family.  Second Providence is firmly committed to the Biblical institution of marriage and the nurturing of strong Christian families.  Society has become weakened because the family has become weak.  No politician, social program, or secular intervention can repair what God has created.  God welcomes all to become a part of HIS Family.  We are committed to the strengthening of our local and global community.  We are committed to helping the poor, healing the wounded, reaching the lost, and loving all as God has commanded.  Our local community and society as a whole can only be saved and transformed through the building of healthy individuals and healthy families, which in turn build healthy communities.  Thus God’s KINGDOM VISION of “Faith, Family, and Community” is our guide to usher in restoration for our world.    It is only through faith in Jesus Christ working in all of our lives that transformation will occur.  Second Providence is a place of God’s jurisdiction, nurture, and protection.  Second Providence has established several ministries designed to help aid in the transformation and restoration process so that all can maximize their lives and potential through Jesus Christ.  ALL are welcome at Second Providence.