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Brad Edwards
Position: Director of Student Ministries

Hey there! My name is Brad Edwards.  My wife Teri and I moved to Grand Junction January of 2011 from Manchester, TN.  While we miss the fact that tea is inherently sweet in the South, it didn’t take that much time to fall in love with Grand Junction because of the people, the downtown, the climate (it never rains here!), and the chances to have outdoor adventures.  We especially love the community of people at First Presbyterian Church; as we’ve been treated like we’re long lost friends since we first arrived. In my spare time, I love rock climbing.  I mean, I LOVE rock climbing.  It’s a passion that seems only to grow since there’s so much rock out here.  I love reading and writing, and we just got Netflix so I’m officially addicted to The Office and Lost! Teri and I love being a part of First Pres and we’re excited to get to work with leaders and students who love God and each other.  It’s such a cool thing to get to be a part of and we’re so thankful we get to call this place home. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!