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Travis Fletcher
Position: Associate Pastor
Phone: 970-242-1923

“The church as [an] institution was never meant to be an end in itself.  It is not the destination of the journey of faith.  Rather a congregation is a wide spot in the road where we come together for rest, encouragement, and challenge.  It is a real place, a context in which we live, but a context that is much, much bigger than itself, and it is in this bigger context that we are primarily to give witness.” (from "The Sacred Wilderness of Pastoral Ministry" by David Rohrer)
We live in a remarkable time in the history of the people of God.  Jesus’ church is increasingly being challenged by our culture and identified as irrelevant, and yet the Spirit of God is at-work throughout the world in incredible, awe-inspiring ways.  Here at FPC, we believe strongly that God has called us together to this place and this time to make a difference in our community and our world for the sake of the Kingdom. One of the things that I love about FPC is our emphasis on leaders and teams.  We want everyone to know that they can be connected to vibrant ministry which reaches people for Christ and changes the world, and so we do this together, following Jesus’ example with the team of disciples he lead during his earthly ministry.  The teams I oversee include outreach, mission, and discipleship (youth, children, and adult), and I’m here to be a resource and a connector for anyone desiring to find out more about those ministries. My wife and I moved to Grand Junction in September of 2011 after spending 6 wonderful years in and around Tacoma, Washington.  We’re happy to be in Grand Junction. My wife Jill and I were thrilled to welcome our first baby, Will, into the world this past July!  Jill is a teacher and is passionate about bringing the gospel into the world of education.  Together, we love to take walks, bike, swim, drink good coffee, and explore this great new place we call home.  While I was in seminary at Fuller’s Seattle campus, I discovered my passions for theology, ethics, and the missional church.  I also love to preach, connect with other leaders and ministries in our community, and help the people of God identify new ministry opportunities and refine our current projects in ways which honor Christ.
I hope you’ll join us in this “wide spot in the road” and connect with the incredibly huge story of what God is doing in our world.
Solo Dei gloria,
Travis Fletcher  
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