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Gifted To Serve

Have you ever come home from a meeting or volunteer group so excited that you had   problems sleeping that night?  Have you spent long hours worrying about the needs of a certain group of people?  Is there some cause that eats at your heart, calling for your help?  Do you hear about things in our church or in the news that tug at your heart?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have found a personal passion.  First Pres. encourages everyone to serve in an area or with a group where you tap into the energy of your passions and use your unique personality, experiences, and spiritual gifts.

     Knowing your passions and gifts gives you the freedom to say “No” when someone on the nominating team asks you to serve on a committee or team or do a job you don’t feel passionate about.  After saying no to a service opportunity that doesn’t interest you, then please tell the nominating team member what does interest you or what you are passionate about so they can help you find a team or group where you can serve that “fits” you.

     If you don’t know what you are passionate about or what your spiritual gifts are, a Gifted to Serve class will be offered in September to help you figure that out.  The Ministry Team’s Equipping Team would like to help everyone find a service area in the church and/or community where you can passionately serve using your God-given gifts, experiences, and personality.  Just imagine what this church and the world would be like if everyone was serving others with love using their passions and gifts.