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Stephen Ministries

Stephen Ministers are trained to listen and care for others in time of crisis.  Each Stephen Minister has received 50 hours of training to learn the skills to comfort and bring hope to those who may be experiencing loss, grief, or pain.  These caring relationships are held in the strictest of confidence and may last months or even years if needed. 
If you feel called to serve as a Stephen Minister or would simply like to learn more about the Stephen Ministry please contact a Stephen Leader for more information:
Marj Gibboney – 210-2036
Michael Rogers – 210-5848  

If you or someone you know needs a person to listen in their time of struggle and crisis, with the skills and compassion of a Stephen Minister, please call any of the Stephen Leaders listed above for more information. Thank you for your interest in Stephen Ministry and we ask your prayers for the strength and wisdom to do God’s will and show the love of Christ is all we do.  We care and God cures!