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Lent 2011 Series - "Temptation"

2011 Lenten series on Mark 8-11

"The True Easter Present" (The temptation to tie everything up in a bow)
Rev. Tom Hansen
Easter Sunday - April 24, 2011
The video referenced during the sermon is "Grace" by The Skit Guys.  It is available from
"Jesus, The Self-Saboteur" (The temptation to play the crowd)
Rev. Tom Hansen
Palm Sunday - April 17, 2011 

"It's Really Not That Bad..." (The temptation to wink at sin)
Rev. Tom Hansen
April 10, 2011 
The video clip referenced during the sermon is from Season 2 of The Simpsons:  "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment."  Lisa has learned in Sunday School that stealing is wrong, and wrestles with all of the stealing she sees going on around her.

"But They're Not Doing It Right!" (The temptation to compare)
Rev. Tom Hansen
April 3, 2011 

"Well, I'm Not So Sure..." (The temptation to let doubt win)
Rev. Tom Hansen
March 27, 2011 

"Self-Preservation" (The temptation to avoid suffering)
Rev. Bill Forbes, Guest Speaker
Shawna Cottingham, Children's Sermon
March 20, 2011 

"Wait, Let Me Get the Camera!" (The temptation to memorialize a moment)
Rev. Tom Hansen
March 13, 2011 

Mark 9:2-13