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What We Believe

* We believe in One GOD revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (the Trinity).

* We believe that GOD became one of us in JESUS of Nazareth and that He was  both 100% God and man.

* We believe salvation is by grace alone. You cannot earn it.

* We believe the Bible is the sole guide for faith and living.

* We believe that GOD reigns and is ultimately in charge. GOD is sovereign.

* We believe that GOD first chose us for His service, we did not choose Him.

* We believe that the Agreement (covenant) initiated by GOD with His people binds us to GOD and to each other. We are a community of faith and not simply a collection of individuals.

* We believe we are held accountable for how we invest our lives and resources in the work of GOD'S kingdom and the care of the world GOD created.

* We believe in the reality of sin. We are all flawed; we are all sinners. Only GOD is perfect and without error.
Presbyterians have never considered themselves to be the ONLY form of Christianity, nor have we ever claimed to be the BEST form of the Christian faith. We are simply one part of the Body of Christ and seek to serve the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength in the way He has called us to follow.

After all, the Lord did not command us to make “Presbyterians” of all the world, but to make disciples. Presbyterians may approach this task differently from other denominations, but ultimately, this is the sole task of the Body of Christ. This belief is not unique to Presbyterians but is common to all who seek to follow Jesus Christ.

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