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 1st Presbyterian Church Pipe Organ
Op. 283
3 Manual 20 Ranks (original 12 ranks)
1928 original/1980 revised stop list Rueter Organ Company, Lawrence, KS
The organ at 1st Presbyterian Church was originally installed at our former location of 6th & White Street.

The instrument was originally 12 ranks (or sets) of pipes that was played on 3 keyboards (manuals).  The Rueter Organ Company was the builder of the original instrument and the Opus number for the instrument is 283.  In 1980, the Layton Organ Company revised the stop list, added some new ranks (primarily the ones that are visible above the choir) and subtracted a couple of stops that were no longer useful to the current layout.  This brought the number of ranks up to the 20 that it currently shows. 

In 1991 the organ was moved by many volunteers from the 6th & White location to our current location on 27 ½ Road.  Hal Colby was the project lead for the re-location and re-wiring of the instrument to our sanctuary.  In 1996 a new computer- controlled- relay replaced a solid state relay that was burned out due to a lightning strike to the building.  In 2009 the computer was updated to a Pentium computer and a new software package for the relay system.  A new pedal board replaced the original 1928 pedal board in 2010.  Lastly, the original pneumatic chime action from 1928 was replaced with a solid state chime striking mechanism.