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Our mission is to help kids follow Christ and share His Word by clearly presenting the Good News of the Gospel.  Our vision is to provide opportunities for children to learn and grow in worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, mission, outreach, and stewardship.  We plan and evaluate our ministries according to these  Biblical purposes.
The time we have with your child is limited, so the teaching we offer can only serve to supplement that which is practiced at home.  The most effective children’s ministry is one that is in partnership with you, the parents.  We appreciate your involvement and prayers as we strive to effectively model and teach God’s word.  We invite you to
participate in our various classes and programs by teaching, assisting in the classroom, providing refreshments, or substituting.  However, if want to participate in an adult education class, we certainly encourage you to do that!  Your involvement in either shows your child that you consider growing faith a priority!  Thank you for allowing us the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus with your child and for your partnership with us in this ministry!
Janet Young,
Director of Children’s
and Family Ministries