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Prison Ministries

There are many opportunities to serve the men, women and their families who are incarcerated in our area.  Please contact Dan Capps 451-9217 to see where the Lord can use your time or talents. 


What if you could make a small donation that could have a significant impact on the lives of many inmates?  Each week the inmates at Warren County Detention Center (WCDC) look forward to putting their hands on new reading material that is given to them through Tar Roanoke Chaplaincy.  (TRC)  Since these books and Bibles do not leave WCDC with the inmates, they have the potential to have an enduring impact by influencing the minds and hearts of many inmates.  Please consider donating paperbook books and (contemporary translation) Bibles.  Drop off boxes will be available in the new fellowship hall, as well as by the stairs to the Hispanic ministry.  Thank you on behalf of TRC and the inmates at WCDC for your donations.  Please contact Dan Capps (451-9217) with any questions.