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Pre-marital counseling




New Haven offers a Biblical pre-marital counseling ministry which is available to all couples who are thinking of or planning on getting married. We also offer a pre-marital counseling package to churches which are in need of this service. The package includes a minimum of 4 pre-marital counseling sessions for a suggested donation of $200.00.


CONTENT: The sessions will include:

  • Getting acquainted and hearing the couple’s story. Identifying potential issues needing attention.
  • God’s design of marriage based on the authority of Scripture.
  • The significance of a Covenant marriage & God’s perspective on divorce.
  • God-given roles for the husband and the wife including the real meaning of the husband being the head and the wife being submissive.
  • Communication, conflict resolution, seeking and giving forgiveness.
  • Other areas as deemed necessary by the counselor.



  • Prepare-Enrich relationship inventory: Identifies strength and growth areas of the couple’s relationship including communication, conflict resolution, roles, finances, family and others.
  • Taylor-Johnson Temperamental Analysis Test.
  • DISC Inventory.

To obtain a printable premarital counseling intake form, click HERE.

For more information or to make arrangements for premarital counseling, please contact us:


New Haven Ministries