Our Program

Pivot Ministries is a 16 month Christian based recovery program consisting of the following Phases:


Phase 1  Crisis Center                                    3 Months

Phase 2  Induction Center                              3 Months

Phase 3  Teen Challenge Training Center     10 months

Phase 4  Alonzo Smalls Re-entry House       (Optional)    


Phases One and Two consist of the following:
The students will attend Church at least three times a week and actively  participate in the Men's choir ministry.
Recreation activities occur 2-3 times week usually at the YMCA.
Everyday begins with morning prayer and devotion and then breakfast.
The students participate in Christian recovery and personal life skills classes on Monday, Thursday and Friday of each week to include:

  •     Anger/Stress Management
  •     Time Management
  •     Public Speaking
  •     Presentation writing (5-minute messages)
  •     Bible Study and scripture memorization
  •     Personal Leadership at home and in the church

14 Group Studies for New Christians written by Dave Batty.

1.        How can I know I'm a Christian?

2.        A quick look at the Bible, Attitude

3.        Temptation

4.        Successful Christian Living

5.        Growing Through failure

6.        Christian Practices

7.        Obedience to God

8.        Obedience to man

9.         Anger and personal right

10.     How to study the Bible

11.     Love and accepting Myself

12.     Personal relationships with others

13.     Spiritual Power

14.     The Supernatural

On Monday:
Dubbed "Marathon Monday" because the students begin their 12 hour class day immediately after breakfast and conclude in the evening with a 12 step AA/NA meeting.
On Tues:
The students participate in a morning church service followed by special prayer session then a beautiful home-cooked lunch before heading out to the YMCA for a work-out!
On Weds:
The students participate in a noon service then finish their afternoon with Personal Studies.

On Thurs:
Pastor Dave teaches on Secrets of the Secret Places by author Bob Sorge on keys to igniting your Personal Time with God.
In addition, our founding Pastor Alonzo Smalls, teaches the students on various bible topics and how to put them into practice today.
On Friday:
Purpose Driven Life class empowers students to explore their purpose in life and and how to achieve that purpose.

5 Minutes messages is a class that allows the student to present a message of encouragement to his peers in the areas he may be struggling in and have overcame.

Personal Studies for Christians is a class that identifies and encourages the students to overcome their destructive behavior with Godly principles.

Phase Three:
In the 3rd phase of the program the students are then given the opportunity to continue their recovery at the Teen Challenge Training Center in Rehrersburgh, PA. This phase of the program last 10 months

Phase Four:
Is not required, but is encouraged to help the student transition back into "society" where he can be a valuable asset to his family, church and community.