Bridgeport Crisis Center

When prospective students come to Pivot Ministries they will find themselves at the Crisis Center in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This is the entry level  first Phase of the program, which generally last about 3 months. The Crisis Center is a three level converted boarding house that can house up to 30 men at a time.  All the men share rooms and amenities.  The house has 10 rooms furnished with twin beds, 4 private toilets, and 4 showers.  Each student has one dresser and limited closet space.  The Crisis Center has a full kitchen and  staff that prepare 3 meals a day.  The focus of the Crisis Center staff is that each student would have their physical and spiritual needs meet.  They will attend Chapel services and weekly Church services.  Each student is expected to complete a Bible based curriculum of Group and Personal studies during the first two phases of the program.  Students have a full schedule filled with classes, chores, study time, GED (if applicable), and recreational time.


Contact Information:
Joe Kenyhercz