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M.O.G'z Ministries is a gospel hip-hop group birthed from three Pivot Ministries alumni. The group uses this outlet as a tool to reach a lost generation that wouldn't necessarily attend church.  Through testimonies of past experiences with drugs, violence, and the negative effects that this lifestyle brought upon each member of the group, M.O.G'z conveys the message of hope through faith alone in Jesus Christ as the only way of escape from perilous self destruction.
"At a time when most of our youth are influenced by perverse media and immoral filth society calls "the norm",  its refreshing that our youth have something to listen to that doesn't involve cursing, degradation of women, sexual explicit content and violence",  says Marcus Bennett.
M.O.G'z has recently released an album entitled "MEN OF GOD" which is available now.  For booking information:
                                                  Contact Marcus Bennett (203)312-6918