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Success D.O Smith
Position: Volunteer

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Success D.O. Smith comes from a multi-cultural background having been born in Trinidad, West Indies .  Though her family originates from Trinidad, she and her siblings were raised both in Trinidad and the United States .  She considers herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience such a diverse upbringing which has allowed her to appreciate the many facets of life.


    Success hails from a family of entrepreneurs and writers.  Along with her father and older sister who are both published authors, she has also published two of her own books and is currently working on her third. She is also the Editor of “The Visionary” (a New Vision International Ministries publication. See NVIM.org) – a faith-based magazine geared towards ministering to the body of Christ. In addition, Success pens “Revelations of Life” – a monthly newsletter based on revelations she receives from God through the Holy Spirit. From penning books, a magazine, and newsletters, poetry and spoken word, Success has been given the gift of writing to reach the nations.


    The journey to her assignment at Pivot was full of adventure.  Success spent twenty years in the Army (almost four years in the Active Army, and the rest in the Army Reserves and National Guard), and five years as a police officer.  Prior to coming to Pivot, she worked at a Massachusetts University for almost eighteen years and was able to complete her Bachelor Degree in Law Enforcement and begin working towards her Master’s degree in counseling.




“I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:13) So can you!





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