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Weekly Small Groups

"Small Groups" meet in private homes for fellowship, encouragement, and Bible Study.  Groups usually meet for 60-90 minutes.  Our goal is for EVERYONE interested in a small-group fellowship to find a place they are comfortable and can GROW in their Christian walk.  It's also a great way to build relationships and get involved at 1st Church.  
There are many groups to choose from, meeting almost every night of the week.  There's a small group that fits your needs, your schedule and your time frame. 
Find a Small Group that Fits You:
Day              Time          Contact Person                                                 Phone #
Monday        5:30pm        Randy Coffey (Men Only)                                  467-4987
Monday        2:00pm        Maxine Axworthy (Ladies Only)                         466-8487
Tuesday        1:00pm        Karen Ballew                                                     279-3513
Tuesday       6:30pm         Dick & Jane Schmautz                                        747-0843
Tuesday       7:00pm         Roger and Janice Long                                       464-1928
Wednesday  6:30pm        Norma Jackson (The Prophet Ezekiel)                467-8986
Sunday         5:00pm        Mark/Deborah Fletcher                                      599-0596
Sunday         5:30pm        Rusty and Jordan Roth                                        468-2922
Sunday         5:00pm        Barry/Debbie Roth                                              468-0464
Sunday         6:00pm        Ron/Karen Ballew                                              279-3513 
Contact the Church if you would like to discuss which group might best fit your needs.