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Join A Community
Thank you so much for your interest in joining a Community at FFC!
Nobody wants to live a life that is boring, empty or feels alone.  Sadly, many people live this way hoping it will change and praying it will change... and it never does.  Why?  Life is not something we leave to chance, life is a choice.

God never intended for us to live life alone, and we must make the choice to engage our life with others.  When we make the decision to be in Community with others, amazing things happen.  God becomes more real, our life enriched by others, and life becomes more fun.
We encourage you to make FFC more than a place you attend... choose to Make It Home! Be in Community.
We want to help you find a Community that is right for you.  There are groups for couples, young adults, women, youth, & adults.  Check out the directory for times and locations and sign up today!  
The community facilitator (leader) will contact you and will be able to give you complete details of when and where your community will meet. 
If you have any questions, please contact the office at 253-922-7773.