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get involved

The rewards of volunteering is seen each week as lives are transformed by the love of God found in Jesus Christ. It's the collective efforts of people volunteering in an area the have chosen that makes this possible.
There's simply no greater joy than to know you are used by God in a way that makes an eternal impact in the lives of others. Jump in and become apart fo what God is doing through FFC. It's a decision you won't regret.
To Become a Volunteer, simply:
    - Sign up for our next VOT (volunteer opportunity tour)
    - Complete a VOT
    - Commit to Volunteering

volunteer opportunities

There are five volunteering groups that breakdown into specific areas of opportunities.
Do you like working behind-the-scenes? Able to use the phone, organize, deal with simple or complex office projects? This area offers flexible opportunities during the week and weekends at the church or from home.
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One of the most valuable 'unspoken' areas of ministry is caring for our campus as we use it as a tool to minister to hundreds of people each week. If you enjoy working with your hands, gardening or don't mind a little hard work... this is for you.
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Generations Kids
A church within the church: our children's ministry is one of the largest areas and has the greatest area of impact you will ever make. GK 252 is a fun and diverese area where you can work behind-the-scenes or interact directly with kids on many levels... this is the real deal!
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Before a message is every preached from the platform, there is a message being shared through this team that makes or breaks a persons experience at FFC. Creating a lasting first experience and warm smile goes a long way.
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Creative Team
Highly motivated, enthusiastic, and value excellence? Do you believe church should be fun and engaging? This is for you! Creative Team allows for technical and non-technical opportunities to shape our weekend services.
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