From the Editor’s Desk:

Blogs are written by members of CBBC – young and old.  The editing will be minimal in order to keep the character and spirit the writer intended. The works are sometimes personal, serious, funny, anonymous, stirring and passionate, observing of human behavior, or self critiquing. The consistent thread in each blog is the writers desire to grow in God's word, live the way God would have us live, and the struggles he or she may experience along the way. Some people submit daily, weekly, monthly…once. No blog represents us all; however, it does represent at least one – the blogger. With that said, comments are welcomed and appreciated. The site is monitored daily and abusive comments will be deleted.

Gathering and posting blogs here is my labor of love. I hope you enjoy reading the posts! As a body of Christ we are strong in our faith and some of us would like to share our experiences with the world!

If you are a member of CBBC and would like to submit a blog, please email it to

God bless