I'm new

What Can I Expect?

At Flat Rock Christian Church, we know that your first time at a church can sometimes be uncomfortable and confusing. We want you to be able to relax and experience the great worship music, encouraging messages, friendly people and warm atmosphere that make FRCC such a great place. So here are some of the most common questions first time guests have:

What are the Worship Services like?

At FRCC, you’ll enjoy a Spirit led blend of worship and praise music, prayer, multimedia, and thought provoking, relevant, Biblical teaching, all presented in a worshipful, yet relaxed, non threatening style. You may even find yourself laughing out loud and wondering if you’re really in church!

What will be expected of me?

Here at FRCC our desire is to make your visit with us a comfortable one and to help meet your real life needs. You will be warmly welcomed, but not “put on display” as a guest. We do not require or expect you to put money in the offering plate at your visit. You are encouraged to dress in whatever you feel comfortable wearing. You will be asked (but not pressured) to fill out an information card, which we will use as a way to provide you with information regarding upcoming activities which you may find appealing.

What is available for my kids?

When you visit FRCC you can be assured that your children will be one of our top priorities. An infant and toddler nursery, staffed by well qualified personnel is always available. Our older children have their own special time of worship, where they are led in singing praises to God and taught the word of God in an age appropriate format. 

What other things are available for my family and me?

Both on Sunday (morning and evening) and on other times through the week, we offer study and fellowship opportunities for all age groups, gender groups, and social groups. 

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey we invite you to come experience the difference at Flat Rock Christian Church.