Conference Topics


The words addiction or dependency can refer to the use of a substance (like food, alcohol, legal and/or illegal drugs, and others).  Or it can refer to the practice of a behavior (like shoplifting, gambling, pornography use, compulsive spending, TV watching, and others).  Or it can involve a problem relationship with another person – we call these “codependences’”.
What is an addiction or life-controlling issue?  How does an issue become a trap?  Who suffer with these issues?  Where does a person get lasting help?  Are you caught in one of these or some other addictive behavior?  Have you tried a “12 Step Program” and it didn’t work for you?  Maybe you have a loved one, spouse, or friend who is caught up and suffering.  Come to a “Get Growing” conference and learn that there is healing and hope that works.
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Ruth Graham