Conference Topics

Life Controlling Issues

We all have the potential for a life-controlling problem.  Life-controlling problems generally fall into one of three categories:  substances, behaviors, and relationships.  One of the ways to identify a life-controlling problem (or the start of one) is when a substance, behavior, or relationship interferes in an important area of our life (job, school, family, etc.), and we continue to use, practice, or relate in the same way.
Some of us want to better understand how to help a friend or family member who is trapped by a life-controlling problem, others may be suffering the painful consequences of a loved one’s life-controlling problem, and many of us feel that we have been marginalized by the Christian community or church to the extent that we feel we have nowhere to go for hope.
Any and all of the topics explained in this section can be considered “Life-Controlling”.  Take some time to read through the Topics to see which one(s) might be of interest to you.  Then visit our “Events” page on this website to find a conference near you.

Ruth Graham