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Pornography is a huge moneymaking operation with revenues far exceeding the largest American corporations.  It is becoming a significant source of revenue for many people.  There are young women, for example, paying their way through college simply by allowing themselves to be a Pay Per View offering on the Internet.  It is obvious that one of the main motives of the industry is to attract men and get them to spend their money.  Since the goal is to get men to spend money and keep coming back for more, we need to realize that the product is designed to be addictive.  While women are less likely to be lured by pictorial porn, they can be seduced by chat rooms or romance novels.  The lies and dynamics are very similar.
When one is involved in these behaviors they are entering a process of becoming enslaved to the behavior.  While this slavery may not be noticeable at first, it is like the deepening of dusk.  As the sun begins to set, we do not see the change in the light – especially if it is a cloudy day.  Slowly the twilight grows and imperceptibly the evening comes.  At first we do not notice it at all, but as it gets darker and darker; we realize that night is descending.  Suddenly it truly is dark, and we have failed to seek shelter.  We suddenly know that we are wandering about in pitch-black darkness with no hope.
Learn more about this topic so that you can help yourself or be informed enough to help someone else.  You may be in danger or have children or grandchildren who are in danger - or you may know someone else who does.
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Ruth Graham