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Publish Date: February 15, 2012  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Thomas Bacon finishes the regular season strong.

Thomas is stepping up this year as the leader of the Keifer basketball team.  He continues to work as he aims to take his Trojans deep into the playoffs.  While quiet and humbled Thomas is a tenacious competitor and I expect to see him continue to grow as a basketball player and person.

Publish Date: February 8, 2012  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Jordan Huffman is a hot player, again.

 B4L's Jordan Huffman has again hit the Hot List for Tulsa area players.  Jordan seems to be growing in his confidence as a player and a leader for the Broken Arrow Tigers this season.  With two straight victories the Jordan Huffman and the Tigers seem to be headed in the right direction for the playoffs,

Publish Date: February 1, 2012  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

B4L players are contributing for their HS teams.


The 2011-12 high school basketball season has had many contributions from members of the 2011 Ball4Life basketball team.  While Jordan Huffman and Thomas Bacon are the leading scorers on their high school teams several others are providing key minutes and attributes that contribute greatly to their teams.  Larry Marshall has helped Sapulpa become a competitor in the Frontier Valley Conference.  Just last night Larry had 16 points and several steals to upset Broken Arrow.  Brennen Adams is always ready for Bishop Kelley when called upon.  Brennen is a deadly shooter from 3pt range which was evident against Bishop McGuiness as he hit three 3’s in the second quarter.  Brennen is proving that during the crucial parts of the game he can be a contributor to a winning team.  Mitchell Rovang and Dontae Campbell have both been huge for Broken Arrow at times.  During the Bartlesville tournament Mitchell averaged 10 points a game and provided energy that sparked Broken Arrow to runs.  Dontae has been close to several double doubles this year and is improving daily with his midrange game.  His energy and passion is why he can become that states top rebounder.  Bradley is playing good minutes with Jenks JV and has added much to his team with his work ethic and great character. Young Drake, only a sophomore, is also playing good minutes with the Sapulpa JV and continues to improve.  While he has to develop offensively his strength is defensively as he is one of the Frontier Valley Conference’s best shot blockers.

Jackson Fuselier and Kevin Barnett both took this season off to concentrate on football and body building, respectively. J

 Ball4Life wishes them well throughout the remainder of this high school season.


Publish Date: January 24, 2012  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Jordan Huffman is a hot player!

Jordan Huffman, a member of Ball 4 Life, has been playing good basketball this season as he is starting to gain confidence in being one of the top players in the Tulsa metro area.  Averaging 18.3 points per game for the Broken Arrow Tigers he is attracting the focus of the opposing defenses.  Best wishes to Jordan as he leads the Tigers into the second half of the season.

Publish Date: January 10, 2012  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Thomas Bacon is a player to watch!

Congratulations to Thomas for being on the Tulsa World's players to watch list.  Thomas has been a Ball4Life player since middle school so its great to see him have some success now in his junior year.  He is a hard worker and has a great competitive spirit.  Best wishes to Thomas as he leads his class 2A Keifer Trojans down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Publish Date: September 7, 2011  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Fall Update

Fall is here, school has started, and football season is in full swing.  The 12 and under team is taking a break during football season but will resume in another 4 to 5 weeks.  We are now planning for the upcoming 2012 season starting in March for the Ball4Life high school teams.  We are really excited about the direction of this organization as we want to develop the whole man through this game of basketball.  We look forward to watching the progress of our student athletes this school year and will keep everyone posted here about classroom and basketball accomplishments.
OKHoops is having an exposure combine this upcoming weekend on the 10th in Bixby.  Jordan Huffman, Brennen Adams, and Larry Marshall will represent their schools as well as Ball4Life.  We wish them well as they strive toward their dream of playing college basketball.
Stay tuned!

Publish Date: July 28, 2011  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Saint Louis Summer Classic

Well the summer season has come to an end but I think we made some strides as I saw these young men come together in their understanding of 'team'.  We played well against the Rockford Illinios Wildcats coming from a 12 point deficit at half to win by 13.  In the second game against the South Dakota Schoolers we were schooled.  I think the travel and the heat got to us but not to make excuses, the Schoolers were a good team and went on to win our pool.  We blew away the Kansas City Premiere in the third game of our pool to set up our matchup with the Illiniios Elite in the first bracket game.  For the second consecutive tournament we lost in the first bracket game.  This one was tough as we had a double digit lead in the second half but couldn't finish the game.  I am proud of our kids for battling back to finish the year competing on a much higher level then we did in the spring.  We have a great group of kids that genuinely love being around each other.  I can not wait until next spring for several reasons but none more than having an opportunity to coach, teach, and mentor these young men.
The 11 and under team will play this weekend in the Greg Swaim Summer Shootout.

Publish Date: July 11, 2011  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Great America Shootout

We had a good weekend at the Great America Shootout in Dallas, Texas.  I thought our team played well.  We were 3-0 in pool play and looked like we were positioned to make a good run in bracket play but lost to the Louisiana Bayou Flames in a game we could have very well won.  All in all we are playing pretty good basketball right now.
The kids had a great time shopping at the Galleria Mall and just hanging out together and as usual we are blessed to have great parents that follow.  We did take time for a leadership training session with Kevin Fuselier in the hotel.  It was great as he talked about personal accountability-how to become a better student, basketball player, and person.
We have two weeks to get ready for the Saint Louis Summer Classic.  We are excited and motivated after an early exist this weekend.
I do not want to forget the 11 and unders... they are playing well right now and coming off a 3-0 performance in the Greg Swaim in Tulsa.

Publish Date: May 25, 2011  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Spring round up

We are coming off of a pretty good showing in the Cox Cager Hardwoods tournament.  The 11's finished 1st and the 16's finished in 2nd.  The 11's continue to play hard despite the lack of size on our team but there are not to many that play with as much heart. The 16's look like they are starting to develop some chemistry which gives me confidence heading into the summer.  They played well and it was nice to see them compete which has been a issue so far.  We play in the Memorial Day Hardwoods this weekend and expect to take another step forward as a team. 
In the month of June, high school basketball takes over so Ball4Life time will be minimal.  However, we do plan on having a leadership class and a life skills class during June.  We will continue with teaching on thoughts. 

Publish Date: May 4, 2011  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

The Jayhawk Experience...

 The Jayhawk Experience…


At the Jayhawk Invitational, we were far from our best.  There is a hunger that you have to have to be able to compete at any level.  We have to find that hunger or passion.  With that, we did finish on a high note.  After being down by 19 to the Tulsa Titans in the first half, we rallied to come from behind and win 65-57.  Now we have to find a way to ride that energy the rest of the summer.  As a coach you tend to look at your team but I am forced (with much humility) to see what it is I need to do within to get this team to perform at a higher level than they have ever played at.  Ball 4 Life’s goal is to prepare young men for life but at the same time they are helping me to grow as well.  Challenges are fun because I know that on the other side is another level.
Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.



Publish Date: April 25, 2011  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

As a man thinks...

Saturday mornings practice was one of the best practices of the year.  We are preparing to rebound at the Jayhawk Invitational in Kansas.  The competition should be fierce but we are ready for the challenge.
After practice, Willie McCarter held a life skills class called 'As a man thinks, so is he.'  Willie's aim was to get our youth to begin to think on a higher level than they have before.  Willie explored the following things.
-What are life skills?
-Why life skills?
-What are thoughts?
-How are thoughts formed?
-What do you want to become?
-What thoughts are needed to accomplish this task?
Dream big!!
Believe in yourself.
Discipline yourself,
Keep your focus on the right things.
Work hard.
Above all things trust God, and all things will be possible.

Publish Date: April 18, 2011  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

'Real Deal in the Rock'

This past weekend, at the ‘Real Deal in the Rock’ basketball tournament in Little Rock, we had fun.  Usually if you go to a tournament and come away winless you are scratching your head trying to figure out what to do but I actually feel pretty confident that we will continue to make strides to become a better team, players, and coaches.  John Wooden says that no matter how good a coach you are better talent wins games.  The teams we played did not look like us.  They were bigger, stronger, and faster.  Our final game against Dream Vision (Las Vegas) had players from Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto.  Our other games were against Louisiana Rockets (New Orleans), Derrick Rose All-Stars (Chicago), and the Arkansas Hawks (Little Rock).  These teams are Adidas sponsored teams.

The growth of some of our individuals was astonishing while some of our kids seem to be moving at snail speed but at least they are moving.  I thank God for these kids.  They are a very diverse group characters that I am privileged to coach – teach the game of basketball and life.

We will practice hard over the next two weeks in preparation for the ‘Jayhawk Invitational’ in Lawrence, Kansas where we will see the same kind of talent.  Our kids will also have a classroom session with Willie McCarter on thinking your way to success, a Life Skills class.

God Bless!


Publish Date: April 14, 2011  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Here we are again!!

With only one more practice tonight the 16 and under team prepare for the Real Deal in the Rock starting tomorrow night in Little Rock, Arkansas.  We played in a Hardwoods tournament a few weeks ago to see what we looked like and there were some promising things to build upon.  As always, we have to be more unified leaving all egos outside.  Our draw is against Adidas teams - Louisiana Rockets, Derrick Rose All-Stars, and Arkansas Hawks.  Wow!!  I am excited for this challenge.  Big challenges lead to opportunities for big growth.
We continue to teach love the foundation for all success.  At practice last week, I felt led to speak on confessions and how no one can rise above the level of their confession.  What you look at - listen to - and entertain is what you will think on and what you think on is what you will say and what you say is what you become.  We also talked about the need to eliminate all negativity even if it means eliminating some friends. We also talked about talent never being enough.
The 11 and under continues to get better.  They play with so much heart and passion.  They are a joy to coach.

Publish Date: January 10, 2011  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Hello 2011!!

Well 2011 is upon us and I am personally looking forward to a great year.  We are working on the schedule for the 16 and under team for the spring and summer as well as developing Ball4Life as a ministry that will provide our youth with wisdom and insight for a limitless future.  The 16 and under team will begin practice at the end of March.  The 11 and under team resumed this weekend in the Hardwoods tournament going 0-3.  not to make excuses but we haven't practiced in 5 months.  I guess that is an excuse.  Haha.  Anyway stay tuned as we will keep you updated with B4L.
God Bless!

Publish Date: July 26, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Hoop City Classic results

Well, this was the last tournament of the summer for the 15 and under team which was held Kansas City.  We did not finish on a great note but I hope this experience will help them to see and improve as a player and a person.  We had some good wins against the GATA IV and the Iowa Storm but did not play well against Kingdom Hoops and Mean Streets. Mean Streets knocked us off as our emotions became our enemy and we got a first hand look at what we talked about all summer -- being able to decrease so that the team could increase.  We ended the exact opposite.  This lose (and how we lost) motivates me more to plan and develop for next spring.  All in all, the summer was good.  Ball 4 Life competed well. We will continue to get better as a basketball organization and the addition of the leadership program and Ball 4 Life Cares are what really excite me.
The 10 and under are still playing but football season will take its toll as 8 out of our 10 players are playing football.

Publish Date: July 13, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Great American Shootout results

Ball4Life competed very well this past weekend in Dallas at the Great American Shootout.  We were one game away from going to the final four on the last day but came up 7 points shy in a 56-63 game against the Houston Elite.  One thing we know now about playing in Texas is that it is a very physical brand of basketball.  Not only did we battle physically but we battled mentally trying to adjust to that kind of game.  I think it was good for us.  Now its time to make a couple of tweaks and get ready for our last tournament of the summer in Kansas City at the Hoops City Classic.
All in all, I think the kids had fun just hanging out, eating out, and going to the Grapevine Mall to do a little shopping.  We have great parents (and grand parents) on our team.  We are one of the few teams that will have that kind of following to all the tournaments.  What I really like is the fact that they all view the kids as their own, whether its giving a hug or getting a little chastisement for spending all your eating money for the trip on Nike socks at the mall.  Yes they are teenagers and it fuels me to prepare this organization for the purposes that you have or will read throughout this website.

Publish Date: July 6, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Next up -- the Great American Shootout

With the month of June finally over, the 15u team prepares for the Great American Shootout.  We had our first practice in about 5 weeks last night to go over some things but tonight we will be more engaged as we have to prepare for the competition in Dallas.  First up is the Houston Clippers at 4:40 on Friday afternoon.  You can keep up with us on facebook.

Publish Date: June 7, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Tulsa University Team Camp

This weekend was a wake up call and an experience to learn from.  I have a new found respect for some of the local varsity coaches.  The speed and intensity in which their teams played with at this weekends camp was tremendous.  I got a chance to watch several Ball 4 Life players and now I look forward to getting back to practice but we still have some time before we do that as high school activities are very high right now.  I also got to go to the Tulsa University Elite camp in which Jordan Huffman participated.  He was thrown back at the intensity as Doug Wojcik put them through a TU practice as well as giving them information on what it takes to be a college athlete.  All the coaches got to impart something into the athletes as well as the strength and conditioning coach.  Diet, conditioning, weightlifting, and sleep are some things they talked about as well as what they look for in a  recruit.  They are as follows:
athletic ability
passion / love
All in all, this weekend taught me alot.  I see things to incorporate into Ball 4 Life.

Publish Date: May 30, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Hardwoods - Memorial Day Classic

This weekends Hardwoods - Memorial Day Classic was a success.  Both the 15u and the 10u Ball 4 Life teams finished in 1st place.  Both teams have much to work on but it looks as if we are headed in the right direction.
The 15u team will now take a few weeks off before resuming a busy July schedule in Dallas and Kansas City.  The 10u will continue to work and prepare for their next tournament.

Publish Date: May 18, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Tulsa Public Schools Tournament

Well, it was a pretty good showing from both the 4th grade and 9th grade teams.  Although the 4th graders went 1-3, they competed very well.  The 9th graders lost in the championship but did finish in 2nd place.  I think that both teams got better.  Next up...the Memorial Day Classic.

Publish Date: May 2, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Jayhawk Invitational results

The Jayhawk Invitational is over and Ball 4 Life definitely has a lot of work to do.  We finished on a high note with a come from behind victory over Howard Pulley (Minneapolis) but suffered some bad losses to the Saint Louis Eagles and Gamepoint (San Diego).  After the first tournament I thought chemistry would start to mesh but now it is something we have to work on to get better as the summer is approaching.   Besides basketball, we all had fun touring Phog Allen fieldhouse, eating with 'the family' on the campus at Kansas University, and just hanging out.  It was a fun trip.
The theme going forward with this team is sacrifice.  We, as individuals, have to decrease so that Ball 4 Life can increase.

We will stay local for the next two months before we hit the road in July for some tough tournaments.

Publish Date: April 26, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Spring Fling tournament - results

This weekends 10u team played well but only managed to get 1 victory in 4 games.  The teams we played have been together for a while and we looked like a new team.  We have a lot to work on but I was proud of the teams effort.  They are a scrappy bunch and fun to coach.  The coach (me) has to find how to mesh them together.

Publish Date: April 21, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Spring Fling tournament practice

Last nights practice for the 10 and under team was good as we prepared for our first tournament this weekend in Tulsa.  The kids are excited but the coach (me) is a little nervuos about not being well prepared.  But at this age its all about having fun and learning and of course competing.  We will see.

Publish Date: April 19, 2010  ::  Author: Jodie Huffman

Real Deal in the Rock basketball tournament

This past weekend at the Real Deal in the Rock was fun and eye opening as far as the competition.  Ball4Life competed well and finished 2-2 with wins over Arkansas Saints and God's Chosen Few.  The losses came to national powerhouses Arkansas Hawks and Kingdom Hoops.  Now we prepare for the Jayhawk Invitational in two weeks.
The kids enjoyed hanging out with each other and playing basketball while team chemistry is starting to build.