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Reporting Progress

We want parents to know how their children are progressing !
One of the reasons parents choose Christian school is that they want to be engaged in the process of their child's learning.
PCA reports progress in a formal way once every 4-5 weeks by means of:
  • 4 quarterly Report Cards -- issued at the end of a 9 week marking period.
  • 4 Interim Report cards --  issued at the half way point in a marking period.
However, you can view your child's grades at any time online by our secure Parent'sWeb (clickable) web-based system.  All you need is access to the internet.  This system provides you access to the very same data the teacher and Administration has regarding your child's performance. 
On Parent's Web (Renweb) you can view the following:
  • The grades for your child for every assignment, quiz, test, project and report
  • Your child's current average by subject
  • The homework assigned by teachers (no more, "I forgot what she said.")
  • The lesson plans -- what is planned for the week
  • Upcoming dates for tests and quizzes
This way you can monitor your child's performance and help them be prepared for class.  The three-way communication between home, child and teacher does great things for learning!