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Dress code description

We think Dress Code ought to be:
     Simple, affordable, comfortable, practical and identify your child as a PCA student!
So here are the basics:
    Girls:    blue jeans, khaki or navy blue slacks/skirts and logo-ed polo shirt.
                sport shoe (sneaker), or enclosed shoe, sandals must have strap. 
   Boys:    blue jeans, khaki or navy blue pants,  logo-ed polo shirt. All blue jeans must not be distressed, patched, or embellished, and not be too tight, too baggy, too faded.   Click here for the full Dress Code.

Click here to go to order uniform items from our provider,
The Preferred School Number is : 900139148
The Logo Number is: 1051115K  
Be sure to browse their site for sales -- which are frequent.
Please download from their website and review the items PCA has identified as acceptable uniform items to order from Land's End.
All polos must be logo-ed.
Call us if you have any questions!