Shawna Banning
Position: Children's Pastor
Phone: (661) 327-8446


Shawna has been involved in Children's ministry for almost 9 years. She got her start by going overseas to Northern Ireland as an intern, where her main focus was school assemblies. Since then she has been on staff at 3 different churches serving as their Children's Pastor. Her heart is to share with kids that they are not too young to have a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ! They can talk to Him, read His Word, worship Him and even be involved in ministry today!

Shawna is madly in love with her husband Phil and son Zane. They make her life better and everything is an adventure, even simple trips to the grocery store. No matter where they are or what they are doing, Phil has a way of making them laugh. They enjoy going to the park, having family dodge ball fights and they are looking forward to many trips to the beach, which is one of Shawna's favorite places to be!