Lynwood Worship Center

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Lynwood Worship Center, Pastor Woody Robinson, 11984 Santa Fe Avenue
Lynwood, CA 90262-4705 (310) 639-9961.

The Lynwood Worship Center has been reaching the local community for nearly 60 years, for the most part. After a lengthy dark period of time that didn’t show anything worthy from this church other than boards on the windows, holes in the ceiling, and such representatives as prostitutes, gang members, homeless people, and junkies. The Assemblies of God reconciled the building to the community by adding a cure to it. We now house a men’s rehabilitation home known as the Honor Bound Men and have outreach efforts made for the under aged prostitution called Forgotten Children, as we are compassionate for the darkness that surrounds the inner city. With that we also have an apartment complex that houses single mothers while they get back on their feet. Most of the women help out in the church while working outside jobs while living here. Our agenda’s are filled with different ways to help the lower income families and single parents so that they may step up and take hold of the challenges that life has delivered unto them. We do that by giving their households groceries, clothing, furniture, travels to and from doctor appointments and school, as well as easier provisions for their children’s needs, such as school supplies, shoes, pampers, and such. All of this is on a basic level as of yet, however we do what we can and have been actively since 1996.