Bonnie & Levys Hernandez

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Bonnie began missionary service in Costa Rica in 1990 and has been in Nicaragua since 1997. Levys and Bonnie met while working in the LACC office in Nicaragua. They were married in 2003. They work together as the country coordinators for LACC which is a sponsorship school based program. U.S. sponsorship of a child provides a Christian education, a uniform, and a hot meal per day. The LACC schools are connected to a local AG church and staffed by Christian teachers. They work with over 6000 children and young people in 21 different schools. They are involved in the feeding programs, gift distributions, letter writing and many other facets of this ministry.  They also work as the directors of Convoy of Hope in Nicaragua.  COH is a humanitarian aid organization that helps by providing food for the needy along with the Good News of Jesus Christ. They also work with medical, construction and evangelism teams that come along to partner with them to help further His Kingdom.