Leighton & Sue Jones

Coaching leaders for the harvest, Dr. Leighton and Sue Jones are Assemblies of God, Intercultural missionaries. Leighton is the Executive Director of Empower Forward and Sue is the Systems Administrator. The entire team of Empower Forward has been mandated to come alongside to encourage, resource and network nearly 4,000 ethnic pastors and church leaders who have little to no ministry training experience whatsoever. The churches they serve throughout the U.S. represent over 64 different language groups. The task is to empower these churches to carry out cross-cultural ministries to a growing population of over 100 million ethnic Americans. Leighton is a licensed trainer equipped to certify coaches for both Natural Church Development International and CoachNet Global LLC. The primary intent of this ministry is to assist local church leaders to discover unique ways to grow and multiply organically healthy churches for their unique context.