Don & Janice Scheske

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Don and Janice Scheske, Assemblies of God Missionaries, returned back to America, in August 2006, after completing their fifth successful four year term in the Caribbean and Belize, Central America. They traveled in computational ministry for approximately one year, visiting with pastors and missions committees in the Indiana District of the Assemblies of God and in many other Districts throughout America. Since January 2007, Don and Janice transferred to the cutting edge Assemblies of God World Missions ministry Network211, founded by Dr. George Flattery. This ministry is based in Springfield, MO., and reaches via the internet into every nation of the world. Network211 is an evangelistic and discipleship ministry using "twentieth century technology (the Internet) to reach every nation of the world with first century Gospel. Don will be working with a very talented and gifted team of fellow missionaries who each have a very specialized area of ministry at "God called us to evangelism using internet websites," Don says, "to reach people with the gospel and then disciple them and channel them into Bible believing Churches, using resources that are readily available through the Assemblies of God's ministry network." Promotion of this unique and timely ministry and Development of the logistics to implement follow-up and enlisting a network of "discipleship mentors" will be Don's primary focus. It is estimated that there are 1 billion people in the world who have access to the internet. What a challenge! Jesus Christ's commission to go into "ALL" the world has never been more achievable.