Children's Sunday School

The children's Sunday School is a fully graded program where kids can dig deeper into God’s Word! Our goal is to provide classes which are both educational and fun. Each class is staffed by teachers who are screened and who are fully committed to the spiritual growth of the kids!


Preteens need more than the same Bible Lessons week after week; they need Bible depth. Grapple Preteen Sunday School is specifically designed to get preteens grappling with tough questions in meaningful ways so they understand own their faith. Grapple Preteen Sunday School answers their tough questions and helps our fifth and sixth graders discover the power of a growing faith in Jesus. The kids also have their own password protected website so they can even 'grapple' during the week. Click here to go to 'Grapple'. (Children can obtain a password from their Sunday School teacher)
Children's Sunday School Classes:
Preschool -
2 yr. olds - Room A1

3 yr. olds - Room A2
4/5 yr. olds
- Room A3
Check-in at the preschool building MAP
Grade School -
Kindergarten - Room A8
1st grade - Room A7
2nd grade
- Room A6
3rd grade
- Room FMC 30
4th grade
- Room FMC 26
5th grade
- Room FMC 23
6th grade
- Room FMC 25 

Contact Information:
Shawna Banning