Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Classes- 9:45 AM      Click for campus map
Class                                      Teacher                                              Location
Discovery Class                   David McCullah                                 FMC Room 19
Jr. High                                Pastor Cody Criswell                        R Wing Room 3
High School                     Joseph and Irma Guerrero                 R Wing Room 6
Couples Class                      Randy Rankin                                   FMC Section A
Principles for Living            Greg Haslow                                      FMC Section D
Open Forum                     Gretchen Woodruff                               FMC Section E
Primetimers                       Thelma Williams                                  Fireside Room
Faith Builders                     Jean and Larry Chapman                   Blue Chapel
Spanish                           Jesse & Miriam Mariano                        Gym  
In addition, graded classes are also offered for children of all ages.
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Greg Haslow