RV Volunteers

U.S. MAPS is committed to building churches and changing lives. This servant team ministry is helping local churches and districts with construction and evangelism needs by providing volunteer participation.
U.S. MAPS offers lay people the opportunity to use their God-given skills and experience missions firsthand. Areas of opportunity include: RV Volunteers - construction and evangelism; Church Teams - construction and evangelism; and Short and Long Term Missions through Summer and Missionary Associate programs. 
RV Volunteers
RVers share their time and talents by volunteering from a few days a year to full time working in construction and evangelism. Opportunities to travel, meet new friends, use your God-given skills, and have a meaningful retirement are among the fringe benefits of the US MAPS RV Volunteers program.

There are two arms of the US MAPS RV ministry: Construction and Evangelism.



The construction arm of the US MAPS RV ministry allows people the opportunity to use their God-given skills to assist in the construction and renovation of approved projects at churches, Teen Challenge centers, children’s homes, campgrounds, intercultural sites and college facilities across the country.


Construction Opportunities include:








·Heavy Equipment Operator




…and much more!



The US MAPS RV evangelism ministry is comprised of volunteers who strengthen the arm of evangelism of US missions, churches, Assemblies of God colleges, city outreach programs and truckers ministry.


Evangelism Opportunities include:


·Sunday School


·Prayer Ministry

·Royal Rangers


·Soul Winning

·Pulpit Fill-in

·Street Ministry

·Nursing Homes


·Office Help

…and much more!


Prerequisites for Volunteers


1. Complete a US MAPS RV Volunteers application and provide references.

2. Furnish an RV and provide for your own travel expenses, personal needs and tools.

3. Be responsible for personal health insurance.

4. Be willing to work under a group leader.

5. Agree not to accept remuneration for services.

6. Keep conduct Christ-like.
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