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Dr. Paul & Annie P.

Organization:  INIM
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India/Southeast Asia

As willing vessels we consistently and actively choose to obey our Lord Jesus Christ’s “Greatest Commission” to eternally impact every un-reached people group in India and South Asia with the Gospel, through planting and strengthening the indigenous local church using proven evangelistic methodology, training & commissioning disciple-makers through Bible College, rescuing destitute and orphan children both physically and spiritually through Children’s Homes, Christ centered schools and assisting the poor and downtrodden, especially those suffering for their faith in Christ.


Here is the rest of our story...  INIM, established in 1964, a multi-faceted, indigenous evangelism and church-planting ministry located in New Delhi, India.  The Mission was formed by Paul P. a former Orthodox Hindu. Paul & Annie were married in 1963.  They have 5 children who have all entered into fulltime Christian ministry, they have thus far have 14 grandchildren.  Graduates of their Bible College, GBC, which today has over 700 fulltime students from 49 South Asian people groups, are planting churches throughout India, South Asia and in many of the neighboring Muslim countries.  Today INIM has established over 15,000 churches in India and South Asia.  The Mission orphanage, Bethesda, established in 1976, cares for and educates over 1000 orphaned and destitute children.  Currently over 41% of the former residents of the children's home are in fulltime Christian ministry.  The Mission's Feeding Center currently provides food for over 1000 people weekly.  They also have recently established a Drug Rehabilitation Center. The Mission and its various minitries endure regular persecution from Islamic and Hindu Extremists groups.